Owning the New Economy Conference

The Vermont New Economy Series culminated with an all day summit at the University of Vermont on Saturday April 27th. United by the theme of ownership, the conference tracks focused on how Vermonters can establish control of our enterprise, investments, and finance. The summit built throughout the day from exploring the promise of a New Economy to envisioning solutions and building campaigns to further an economy that meets the needs of our communities. 

Please enjoy some of the conference video below!

Conference Sessions:

Opening Keynote

Morning Sessions: Envisioning


-Envisioning the Cooperative Economy

-Best Practices in Divestment: Solidifying a Student Network


-Aligning Values: Financing the New Economy



Afternoon Sessions: Acting


-Building Vermont's Cooperative Economy


-Investing in a New Economy: Activating Portfolios for Postive Change and Postive Returns 


-Acting on our Values: Financing the New Economy


-Vermont's Energy Choices: Old Dirty Problems, Clean Energy Solutions


Closing Keynote: Driving towards Vermont's New Economy